Dental hygienist-geriatrics

Dental hygienist-geriatrics

There is currently no specific course for dental hygienists, but the courses and master classes in Amsterdam and Groningen are open to dental hygienists. With the accreditation of dental hygienists-geriatrics, some specific post-HBO education for dental hygienists might become available. The colleges recognize the need for such programs. Dental care for older people has already become a more important topic in mainstream education.

MhGe registration

The NVGd (Dutch Association for Gerodontology) has created a system for the accreditation of dentists-geriatric and dental hygienists-geriatric.  The eventual registration as dental hygienist-geriatrics follows a set procedure. You are required to submit a portfolio that includes your motivation, attitude and case descriptions. The requirements for the initial registration and re-registration are included in the following documents:

You can find a detailed description of what a dental care plan, and thus a case, should include in the book “Inventarisatie (mond)gezondheidsproblemen van ouderen” by Wim Klüter and Cees de Baat. You can order the book here. 

Where can I find a dental hygienists-geriatrics?

You can find the address and phone number of the nearest NVGd registered and accredited dental hygienist-geriatrics on the tab 'Leden die helpen('Helping members'). You can also find all the addresses of association members on this tab. Questions? Send us an email at!